by Charlotte :: last year
Heidelberg Crafters Market held on the 29 July 2017 for the local crafters of Heidelberg which helps them with marketing  their products, set out their talents,  engage  and socialize with other crafters and form a crafters network but most of all generate an income on their talents and products.  Heidelberg crafters talents:  Maria Agenbag doll clothing, Gawie Bruytenbach clocks and paintings, Elsa Sparks mosaic tissue boxes, scarf hangers, stained glass angels and butterflies, Elsa Bothma handmade clothing, knitted articles and crooked articles, Maureen Burger beads necklaces, Leandi Prins t...
by Charlotte :: last year
Heidelberg`s First Dance Off Competition held on the 27 May 2017. This Dance Off went towards Youth Development, Tourism promotions and regional exposure.     Mr Ben Dell and the three judges Wim Vorster, Jeanetta Marais and Nina Bosel with the Dance Off Competition winner Peter John Amsterdam with his Robotic-freestyle moves. The CJ group in action on stage Clarence Du Toit and Jode-Lee September with their Street Dance moves. Raymond`s group 1 in action on stage with their Kwaito moves Jamie Lee Davids, Precious Zondani, Karen Armoet and Megan Micheals. Raymond`s Group 2 in action with t...

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